"Anti-Inflammatory" Bundle (Auto-Ship)

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  • Did you know, almost everyone deals with inflammation? It can be caused by a variety of factors like poor diet, stress, and even pollution, and when mismanaged, it wreaks havoc on the body, both inside and out. 
  • Not managing inflammation can result in chronic fatigue, bodily aches and pains and feelings of “sluggishness.” The GOOD news is you can reverse this, and it starts with what you put into your body… 
  • This bundle is designed to help calm any existing inflammation in your body and also promote a consistent anti-inflammatory bodily state. 
What’s included?
  1. Collagen Peptides (28 servings): Collagen's anti-inflammatory powers come from the role that it plays in our gut health - and as we know, a healthy gut is key to a healthy BODY because it can help reduce inflammation throughout the whole body.
  • Collagen has been shown to support the gut's lining, as well as contain key amino acids for gut health. 
  • It contains glycine, an amino acid with proven anti-inflammatory and immune system-supporting effects. 
  • Glutamine, one of collagen's other amino acids, is key for managing inflammation and inhibiting oxidative stress of the intestines.
This Collagen comes as a powder and is 100% unflavored so you can easily put into your morning coffee, smoothies or tea! We recommend taking (1) scoop daily. 
  1. Superfood Turmeric (30 servings): Turmeric contains medicinal herbs that can help to keep harmful chronic inflammation at bay. 
  • Turmeric’s main active component - curcumin - is what gives the spice its yellow color. 
  • Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties and it works with Superfood Turmeric's other ingredients (like cinnamon, ginger & cardamom) to potentially decrease inflammation, improve digestion, help soothe heartburn, ulcers and prevent bad breath! 
  • It can supercharge the body’s natural defenses and even enhance immunity.
Superfood Turmeric also comes as a powder and is great with a hot milk of your choice (think of a chai latte, WITH superfood benefits!), hot water, in your smoothie OR even in delicious energy balls. We recommend taking (1) scoop per day. 
Here's a delicious recipe for Coconut Turmeric Energy Balls. 

Both of these items seamlessly integrate into your daily life (and diet) while ALSO promoting a healthy gut and anti-inflammation. 

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