Chakra Intensive: HEART CHAKRA (Mini)

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Learn about the Heart Chakra and find ways to manifest love! This energy center can affect your ability to love yourself and others,  your ability to attract and heal relationships, your ability to be vulnerable and to forgive. This chakra can affect you on a physical level as well-it even affects the lungs and the immune system! 
Heal (or nourish) your relationship with this powerful energy center through various guided exercises to help you to delve deep, as well as  educational resources,  heart chakra specific recipes, crystal education & more! 

Mini Heart Chakra Program Includes:
  • 5 modules of written content that combine educational information with exercises to help you apply everything to your daily life. 
    • Section topics include things like: detachment, chasing the ideal, vulnerability and more. 
  • Various recipes that are great for nourishing and balancing your heart chakra like Creamy Broccoli Soup and Mint Berry Salad
  • Resources surrounding crystals, affirmations and more to ensure you’re able to get as much out of the course as possible!