Chakra Intensive: ROOT CHAKRA (Mini)

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Do you live in fear? Are you going through a transition or a time of change? Do you feel unsafe? Are you struggling financially? Are you constantly stressed and or do you deal with adrenal issues? Then this work is for you.

Learn about the Root Chakra and find ways to feel balanced, nurtured and like you belong. Release your fear of not having enough. When imbalanced, this energy center can alter your stamina and passion for life, make you feel unfocused, undisciplined, easily irritated, scattered and more. 

Heal (or nourish) your relationship with this powerful energy center through various guided exercises to help you to delve deep, as well as  educational resources, root chakra specific recipes, crystal education & more! 
  • 5 modules of written content that combine educational information with exercises to help you apply everything to your daily life. 
  • Various recipes that are great for nourishing and balancing your root chakra
  • Resources surrounding crystals, affirmations and more to ensure you’re able to get as much out of the course as possible!