Chakra Intensive: THIRD EYE CHAKRA (Mini)

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Do you have trouble trusting your intuition? Or knowing what your next step might be? Do you tend to look to others because you don’t trust yourself? Have you lost your sense of passion or purpose? Then this work is for you. 

Learn about the Third Eye Chakra, the energy center that regulates your emotional responses and is the root of your perspective, values, ideas, goals, wishes, and self-awareness.

When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced life has a purpose. You trust your intuition, and you have an innate knowing that we are all ONE, that you are always connected to the energy of infinite possibilities of the Universe.

When there is an imbalance in the Third Eye Chakra you over-think and over- intellectualize things, you feel unsympathetic towards others, and you struggle to learn new things. You have a hard time discerning what truly is in the best interest.

Heal (or nourish) your relationship with this powerful energy center through various guided exercises to help you to delve deep, as well as  educational resources, third eye chakra specific recipes, crystal education & more!


  • 5 modules of written content that combine educational information with exercises to help you apply everything to your daily life. 
  • Various recipes that are great for nourishing and balancing your third eye chakra
  • Resources surrounding crystals, affirmations and more to ensure you’re able to get as much out of the course as possible!