Shungite Cube

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(1) Shungite cube approximately 4-5 centimeters in length and width.

100% natural shungite sourced from Russia, these Shungite cubes are hand-carved and polished to give each piece a reflective, elegant finish. 

PURIFICATION • SHIELDING • PROTECTION • MINIMIZE EMF (protects from radiation from cell and electronic devices)

WHY • To cleanse one’s energy field of heaviness and blockages. To prevent negative energies and intentions from prospering. To honor the divinity of the physical body, protecting it from harmful influences. Shungite aids in the purification of water, and as the human body is comprised of 60% water, this stone is a powerful bodily healer.

HOW • Shungite cleanses the body of emotional blockages and repressed trauma that can lead to physical ailments, ensuring every cell of the body is aligned with wavelengths of purest light. This healing stone can aid in the relief of anxiety and insomnia.

WHERE • Shungite can be used next to electronic devices to protect the mind from psychic attacks and guard against negative electromagnetic frequencies.